Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dark field photo

I started reading a new book on photography and lighting in particular.

It's the book Light science and magic. This is a very good aid in learning about light and why light acts the way it does.

So it goes into angles, light types and reflections.

Reading the book you will want to try out some of the things described. And one thing that I just tried out is photographing glass ware. First try is with the dark field where the background is black and the edges of glassware is standing out.

It's a first shot at it. But given I haven't tried before I don't think it's tooo bad ;-) But hey judge for yourself :-)

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Jacki said...

Pretty cool. When did you do this? When I fell asleep on the couch?

Peter Dyrholm said...

Friday night I think... When I made kind of a mess in the studio ;-)