Thursday, February 21, 2008

lightmeter for the studio

Sooo I finally got a light meter for the studio.
Before I was using the cameras histogram to determine if I had the right level... but man... I was off a little bit on that one and had the levels too low.

Good thing to get a late birthday present like this :-) (thank you sweetie).

Here is a few photos from tonite

Hmmm let's see how this works...

Dad.... I keep telling you!!! F 8

See I told you... much better

WOW!!!! bright light

Thursday, February 7, 2008

taking the truck out

Well if you are taking the truck out for a ride... might as well do it good :-)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bloggy giveaway winner

The winner of the bloggy giveaway is... (drum roll please)

Lisa Marie
lisa's chaos

I had to use a random number calculator to pick a winner since there is no way that I could pick just one winner out of everyone that replied.
The thing is that sooo many of the people that commented have very good ideas and reasons soo I really want to do all of them.
However as some of you may know time is of the essence and there isn't always to much left over.

I am working on an idea about setting up an etsy or other account to do collages for people and keep it at a level where everyone should be able to participate. Good idea? I would love to have your input on that :-)

Well I guess I am getting soft so just for the fun of it I picked a runner up... (another drum roll please...)

The runner up is...

I will be in contact with the winner and runner up via email. Thank you all very much for your very kind comments and interest. And of course if you want some tips and tricks on photoshop check back every now and then as I will keep posting the tutorials as I get them done.