Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tickle me Tuesday

It's Tuesday and time for a little fun. Yeah I know the first one is probably not going to do me much good.... but (no phun intended) I just couldn't resist ;-)

Can you tell who is the blonde(s)? (Guys look up... way up...)

In this gotta save fuel time this on is just perfect. Imagine the hubby coming home proudly announcing how he bought a fuel sipping bike. This thing doesn't use much gas at all.
Of course there will be a few things he didn't think about. Such as... hmm grocery shopping. But as any good man problems are there to be solved.

Selling a house takes a bit more these days and well if you can sell the house before it's even build you avoid the risk. The only issue would be to create a selling image of the house (sketch drawings doesn't do too good).
Maybe this one is for the couples having bikes only and park them in the large hallway ;-) or it's just a result of people not using their garage anyway...

Have a great Tuesday and have fun with the other Tickle me Tuesdays...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Joint Service Open House - Andrews AFB

Here is a few from the show last weekend.
Check out more on the photography blog.

Hope you enjoy :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things that tickles

With the recent weekends flight theme this seems to fit pretty good.
It looks like that could tickle you a wee bit...

golf anyone? don't you just hate when this happens:

Have a great Tuesday and have fun with the other Tickle me Tuesdays...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


update update update
No matter what at least my teeth started out better than this...
btw. if you got a weak stomach or some sensitivity you do not want to follow this link: http://www.jpgmag.com/photos/682270

I'm done....

at the dentist that is. Finally... It took just about forever and multiple visits.
Let's see I have seen every room they have at the dentist office and been in every "hot" chair they got. Well I didn't get to try the old one that they don't use anymore but other than that I have been in them all.
I also found that they sure do have a lot of gadgets and instruments I had no idea existed.

Such as a ultrasonic scaler thingamabob. That one is equipped with a thin blade and gets under your gums to remove calculus(tartar). Real nice little handy device. ohh yeah and well it does get under your gums quite a bit so you have to be numbed up good. Seriously we are talking pin-cushion numbed.
Due to that first you have one side of the mouth done and then the other side once you recovered from the first. (here is some more info in case you *really* want to know).
First visit I had 14 injections and second visit it was "only" 10 injections. And well while we are at it... I abseloutely can't stand injections. Kind of to the point where I want to run screaming away so the second visit where I knew what I had coming was a tough one. Longest drive...

Of course I wouldn't start out on something simple so before everything got started I had a wisdom tooth extracted. That's always a good way to start but hey... Now I don't have anymore wisdom teeth... hmm is that a good thing? or did I just loose something...

Now this is a buckle...

and hearing the shop talk about buckle on 15, 18 and yada yada... you can't help but to think.... what in the world is this... Anywho. Turns out it's not a buckle. It's 'buccal' and refers to the side of the tooth that faces your cheek.

After all this fun stuff I just had a few maintenance (fillings) to get done.... well quite a few actually but well... that'll teach you...

Speaking of which. I kind of learned quite a bit. Not just about dentistry and importance of brushing you teeth, flossing and benefits in using floss. But also how insurance work and how they can have limited coverage :-(
On the bright side the tooth that was setup for a root canal didn't need it. Soo that save a ton of money.

At my initial visit I got all the xrays and checks to kind of get a feel for what was going on. On thing that led to all the ultrasonic scaling and such was the gum depth. These were measure and were a bit too deep. Not alarming but could become a problem. The probe came out with some 4's and 5's (btw. they give each tooth about three measurements). Now after the scaling, flossing every night and using mouth rinse they changed to 2's and 3's... yeah :-)

It cost a bit and wasn't too pleasent (sorry to any dentist out there) but the fact is that I no longer have headaches at all kind of weird times (like all the time) and the teeth are feeling great :-)

ohh and if you are in the northern virginia area... here's a good dentis: http://106dental.com/

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's your family photo IQ

Just for the fun of it ;-)

Here is a short quiz about taking photos of your family, kids and all that.
Even though there may be some golden rules for snapping family photos they can of course always be broken and still get a good result.

But hey. Check it out and take the quiz here.

I ended up with this label :-) (it's really not too difficult though)
"You're a photo genius! Your photography skills must make you the envy of many snap-happy parents."

Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's a boy

Finally arrived and with a couple of photos from the hospital and a little collage creation here is the stats