Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's your family photo IQ

Just for the fun of it ;-)

Here is a short quiz about taking photos of your family, kids and all that.
Even though there may be some golden rules for snapping family photos they can of course always be broken and still get a good result.

But hey. Check it out and take the quiz here.

I ended up with this label :-) (it's really not too difficult though)
"You're a photo genius! Your photography skills must make you the envy of many snap-happy parents."


Lea said...

Hej Peter!
Sjov quiz - jeg scorede 19 point.
Det er da helt pænt.
Håber alt vel med Jer alle fem i huset.

juju said...

Hi Peter,
I took the quiz and my score was 21. Not too bad!

Jacki said...

My score was a 19. Guess it comes from living with you. ;-)

Mr Farty said...

19 - I must be doing something right.