Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CMT music awards 2009

Is it just me or did someone leave the audience on mute???

I was surprised to see the B52's coming on stage (yeah it's been a while) but with Sugarland it was pretty darn hot... However I am not sure if the audience were wondering about who the B52's are or someone just left them on mute.
Singing the love shag there is the spot where the audience "help out". Something like the band singing "bang bang on the door baby" and the audience belching "BANG BANG" (think cheesy cartoon graphic here).
But at the award show there wasn't a peep out of the audience. I thought for sure it would be mentioned on the radio but nope... maybe it's just me...

Jason Aldean singing She's Country with Keith Urban was beyond cool. That rocked the house and was one of the best.

I must admit I haven't been much into the Hannah Montana of country music (Taylor Swift that is). But I must admit the cross roads performance with Def Leppard... now that's actually cool. I might just have to go to Walmart and pickup the cross roads DVD.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A few from the horse show

Finally got a few photos posted from the Upperville horse show or should I say Jumper classic.
Hope you like them :-)

You can find them on the photography tab or just right here: Budweiser-Upperville Jumper Classic.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

On a sunny Sunday

As you may have noticed on Jacki's blog we went to the 156th Upperville Horse and Colt Show with the Budweiser-Upperville Jumper Classic.

It was a sunny and hot day for sure. Going through the photos I got a few family snapshots to share before Jacki starts showing off the horse photos.

First order of business is to get something to eat after arriving. Saves us from dragging food around :-)

For Emma of course the horses are the big thing... She started out with a small pony and loved it.

Then she got on the next one which was a little bigger.

And she loved it...

From the Leesburg zoo there were a few animals in the petting zoo area. Including a lama, goats, baby chicks and bunnies...

And I sure did hear a lot about the fuzzy bunny... not just from Emma!!!

At one time I was taking photos of the horse show where the ride the horses around and ribbons are given to the best of breed and all that. When I turn around I see one of the riders holding Emma and she is in the face of a horse petting, hugging and all that. Not just any horse... it was a Irish Draught!!! These are big horses... there is no pony feel in those ones... ohh yeah I don't think Emma will get one of these anytime soon though....

When going to an event like this there are always the special people with special parking. I guess if you have that privilege one should really arrive in one of these... It was very very nice looking indeed....

When Emma wasn't ohhing and ahhing as the horses jumped she was playing with her toy jumper horses and always wearing the hat to get a little shade (she really didn't want the hat on but it was needed...)

And finally a view of the lawn where we were watching the main event from. Notice the lack of shade... yeah it was a hot one.

Stay tuned as Jacki post a few horse photos ;-)