Saturday, March 29, 2008

Super pet expo - super weekend day trip

Soo I heard about the super pet expo on the radio and it turns out Jacki and Mary would like to spend the day running around to stores and stuff like that...

As you most likely know we often go to the pet store to look at pets of all kinds. Doesn't have to be exotic we like all pets. well kinda... rats and mice are not *really* pets to me (sorry petco).

Anyway. Super pet expo... that must be a serious amounts of pets to look at and tons of fun for the kids... right?

Soo off we went (Emma & I) and well it was a bit of a drive but close to where I work so shouldn't be a problem to find. We are talking about the expo center so it's a big facility that you just can't miss... For some reason (maybe because I followed the signs) we couldn't find it for nothing so we drove around for a good 15 min. to locate it.

It is a strange area and Emma's comment kind of sums it up: "Dad, it's a maze..." (she likes mazes in her school work).

But we found it and it turns out we were not the only ones going there... Parking was awefull... There was some guys standing around with the yellow (I am the traffic guy) wests but I guess they were kind of tired and just needed to hang for a bit without having to deal with things like cars, traffic, parking... You know it's a big presure to deal with...

I was kind of tempted at parking here:

But well... after searching for another 10 min there was a car pulling out right in front of me (did I mention I love the power brakes in the truck) and I got a dry spot.

I guess getting in to the place could be considered a breeze since it only took 10 min. standing in line. Lucky the ticket guy actually beleived that Emma is 3 years old and as such free (she turns 4 in June). But as he put it he would let me slip this time... come on now... she is 3....

I can't say much about the place other than yep it's big and full of people... A lot of them. The good thing though was that many had brought their dog and it was the well behaving dogs which were all friendly and willing to talk with us. We saw so many different dogs and talked with quite a few. Some real tiny and others like this one:

However it was as friendly as it was big...

We also saw a little "show" on cats that are up for adoption.

I don't know if it was to underline that dogs are all friendly but... the cats... better keep them behind the net... You never know with those ones...

For the expo itself... well not exactly what I thought it would be. However if you do have a pet and need a license plate holder for the car or the "pet on board" sticker this would be the place. yeah sure you could also get several kind of treats or a hot tub while you are at it...

Getting towards the end of walking the floor we came acroos the playground:

Somehow I can see how that would be fun and give the dogs some different excercise with the other dogs. But shelling out serious $$ for that in the back yard... Somehow I don't think so...

Getting towards the end of the show we passed the area where the owner of the worlds ugliest dog was giving autographs... This is the official web site
I have to admit that I didn't really feel like standing in line for what appeared to be a long time to get n autograph from the owner of an ugly dog...

Ahh well getting to the end of the show and here we found what made it all worth it.
Look at this dog:

It was sooo playfull, friendly and just loveable. Sure it had an encounter with a car crushing the pelvic bone. But now it's in a "wheel chair" and running around like other dogs. It had only been in the wheel chair for three weeks but it just seemed natural.

We spend a long time playing with this one and well the money we didn't spend on other items we gave to misty and the other friends.
You can find theire website here:
Those dogs are just amazing...

Getting home before mom we finally got in the garden to plant the wild flowers in one of the flowere beds and that sure got Emma excited :-) So I leave you with these

photoshop express

First album ready for viewing...

Took a little getting used to. But once I got files selected it was kind of easy to upload and make them available for viewing as a slide show.

Check out the album using this link:

or just click this image:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Photoshop express

A new release in the photoshop family is available from adobe.
Unlike photoshop this is free!!!

It has many great features that are easy to use (no haven't used it much yet) and did I mention it's free...

With this one you get 2Gb of free storage and you can create and share albums as you please as long as you are not using more than the 2Gb... So much for (200 photo limit and 3 albums/sets).

But well don't take my word for it.
do a test run or sign up for free at

ohh and you can get your url as in pretty cool :-)

once I get some albums created over the weekend or sometimes next week they will be available at

here is a link to a tutorial on how to use photoshop express

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tickle me Tuesday

It's Tuesday and here is a couple of random silliness to get you going and get the day started with a little smile :-)

Ok, Roadsigns are always fun well some of them anyway. I am sure they mean well but what exactly are they trying to say here...

College basketball... Yeah I know there are all the rumors about you either have to be good in school or good at sports... Guess what these guys are good at...

Seeing this one I am wondering if the boy (yes it's a boy) got parents and they let him out the door like this or he is sneaking out without them knowing...

This for sure is going to keep the neighbors kids out of the backyard... I mean... why???

Have a great Tuesday and don't forget to drop by and check out more Tickle Me Tuesday fun at Moving at the Speed of Life.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Need your help...

Soo I want to do something special for mom in the house.
Every day she is home and doing sooo many things that I can hardly believe it and can't really express how much I appreciate everything that she does.

However one idea is to get out of the house and give mom some mom time. To do this I am thinking that some father daughter time would be great. But what to do??? and this is where I need your input. And I really appreciate any input I can get :-)

You can do it quick and just respond to the poll here and/or leave a comment with ideas.

Appreciate your input and responses

Vovici Online Survey Software

Just as a side note the poll above is provided free of charge by Vovici where you can sign up for one too using this Link.
While you are at it you should keep an eye on the new Whyclicked product coming soon (it's in beta right now) which I have used on this blogspot to show pop-ups asking questions at random to people without adding a bugging functionality that comes up everytime (pretty cool).

Just browsing through the magazines...

Can't have too much of a good thing

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

nope, it's not photoshop

Even though it sure could look like it. This is not generated in photoshop. I am sure the creators meant well... but... well... think about it for a sec.

and well just for your curiosity...
Here's the link: