Saturday, May 30, 2009

A short walk in the mountains

Last weekend Emma and I went to the mountains. Actually we were planning to try out a new trail that is nearby but not knowing too much about it and low elevation combined with heat. I figured heading out to the mountains and get to a nice temp would be cool (hmm so to speak...)

At the first stop Emma just couldn't wait to get out of the truck to see the view. Look dad... see this view... don't I just look cute in front of it??? (yeah I know there goes a couple of gray hairs...)

This stop is also where I noticed a smell of gas and found that the gas container in the bed had tipped and leaked all over which left the truck bed somewhat flammable...

Anyway. Couldn't spend too much time worrying about details like that when Emma is ready for her photo in front of the view...

Turns out that the temperature was pretty good in the slightly higher elevation. And even though we didn't plan to head to the tippytop we did venture down some nice trails like this one.

And Emma's eye do spot things...

The birds are fast but for the first time I got a photo of a blue one :-) and one of the more common visitors.

As we were watching the birds we came on the topic what birds eat... yep birds gotta eat... like hmm these

Having talked with her mom a lot about gardening we know that trees and flowers grow in dirt and you have to water them. But dad... what about that one... yep of course I would have to do a little explaining about a tree growing out of a rock...

ohh recognize the trail?

Posing on the rocks with yet another view... Something tells me I should start getting concerned... She really do likke to show off ;-)

and just for the fun of it. One last view of the Shenandoah valley... (gotta click to enlarge it)

Monday, May 4, 2009

first shots in the new house

Sooo Sunday I finally got the studio backdrop mounted and a couple of lights setup to get the first couple of shots in the new house.

Emma has been waiting to have her photo taken so here is a few from a rainy Sunday:

And a single photo with a texture applied in ps

Just the first few of hopefully many to come :-)