Thursday, November 20, 2008

Driving to school

Having a long commute can sometimes bring up a few fun comments on the way.
As you may have noticed on Jacki's blog we have been out looking at houses and Emma has been with us.

So driving to school this morning we are at a red light and well being slightly late guess what I am thinking about traffic and all that....
Not Emma...
Emma: (seeing a nice little bright blue house) Dad, can we buy that house?
Me: naaa I don't think so Emma it's not for sale.
Emma: But dad I want to buy that house.
Me: Well I guess the people like living there and don't want to sell it.
Emma: We can just call Gloria (our Realtor) and she will take us in there and show it to us.
Me: Well if it's not for sale we can't buy it and I think we should look somewhere else (thinking it's right next to the road and all that).
Emma: I can just play outside in the back so I don't get on the road.
Me: Now that sounds like a good idea. We don't play on the road.
Emma: No and if I have to pee I can just turn around and walk on the porch around the house and go inside to pee.
Me: ...
Emma: Dad look at that plane taking off...

ohh yeah she does talk a lot and notice just about anything...

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