Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall and butterflies

As you probably already read on Jack's blog we went on a trip to D.C. to the museums and most importantly to see the butterflies at the live butterfly habitat at the National History museum.

Sitting on the steps outside the museum I caught a view that was pretty cool. It was getting to be afternoon and the sun gave everything a warm glow. So here is your fall in the city

After getting in to see the butterflies I kept thinking about how much I could have used a medium/long macro lens to catch the details. But since I didn't have that around I grabbed my 70-300mm and held a close focus glass up in front of it. Kind of a hassle trying to get focus and being able to focus close enough but I guess it's kind of a trade off getting the zoom did help getting closer ;-)

Anyway. Here is a couple of butterflies from the exhibit.

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