Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photos from October

wow... Finally got around to uploading the photos from October. Including the halloween photos :-)

You can find the little player on the right hand side or use the links to go and check out the album.

Speaking of which. Are you uploading photos to an online location for sharing with family and friends?
Do you or would you pay for a service like that?
Some are offering the convenience of being able to print from the galleries. Is that something you would do?

I am using photoshop express from Adobe.
I have to admit that my primary reason... yeah... It's Free...
But I also (in the same breath) have to admit that some of the new photo editing options they have made available are pretty good and will cover 80-90% of what you will need. And yeah it's Free.
Also on this one you can connect it with other online photo storage accounts and do prints and all that stuff... but I haven't really tried that just yet ;-)

Soo go ahead give it a try. I think you might just end up liking it. and well not to forget.... It's Free...

Check out our main account with albums on photoshop here

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