Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tickle me Tuesday.

It's Tuesday and time for a little fun.

I have previously been referred to as the Japanese tourist when lining up getting ready to take a few photos. Now have you ever wondered what it looks like when photographers from all over go to Japan to cover a sports event?

I guess it's just one of those Japanese things but I bet it's efficient and all photographers get a chance to get the "good" shot.

Speaking of good shots. I have also heard remarks about how I sometimes will bend slightly to frame the photo just right or well sometimes be close to flat on my belly on the ground. But you know.... whatever it takes to frame the shot just right...
However seems to be jumping to get a photo of me when I am photographing bugs or doing something different to frame the shot... Ohh and here is a text book example on how sometimes you have to adjust your posture to get the photo framed just right.

Speaking of cameras and settings. You know how there are settings with mountains, stick people and a little flower on your camera. The presets that are preprogrammed to optimize the exposure for that particular subject.
Well check out this one. It had to come around eventually ;-)

Have a great Tuesday and have fun with the other Tickle me Tuesdays...


Jacki said...

Yeah, that second one? I better never see any pictures like that on your camera.

Dee said...

i don't want to see that second shot anywhere! LOL

StarPilot said...

I only say this because I am detail oriented: In the thonged photographer picture, if the woman in the white shirt were a Purdue Oven Roaster Chicken, she is indicating that she is 'ready'