Friday, June 13, 2008

Fathers day

Yeah so now fathers day is rolling around and well you probably noticed Hallmark and just about any store out there has advertising trying to lure you into buying that special something for dad.

ZDNet has a top 5 Father's Day gadget gifts for sons to give.

Here is a little run down on the top 5. I am unsure on how it is to be interpreted in relation to what is #1 and what is #5. But here goes...

First item on the list. Nikon D60. I would kind of tend to agree but well the D60 is a follow up to the somewhat small and plastic like D40 and D40x that really didn't do too good since well they were relatively cheap.
I am sure the D60 is fine but man I would kind of prefer a Nikon D300...

More gadgets. What could be cooler than an Iphone and sure any dad would like that. So how about giving him a Samsung Instinct... hmm yeah that's kind of like man it would be good to have an apple and then buy a banana. And well let's not forget about the subscription would require the data network and could easily run you up to $100 a month. Talk about the gift that keeps costing...

Interesting choice for the next one. Dad comes home complaining about the printer at work so let's get him a color laserjet because the ink cartridges are too expensive. Well.... only thing is that photos don't *really* print that good on a laser printer and for the consumable price I don't know if you checked the price tag on multi color toner for a laser printer... that is worse than the inkjet cartridges. Instead I would look into getting an Epson printer and a continues ink system like the Niagara system from Media street.

The next one could actually make sense. Think of all the photos dad has taken and how they just flow around the desktop and makes it slow... Let's get an external disk with plenty of room. Sounds great doesn't it?
I would bet that in most cases it just means that there is more room to make a mess in and well now the desktop has to keep track of an extra large disk. Come on clean up the photos you meant to delete anyway or burn a dvd. Much easier and efficient.
However the large external disk would be great for creating and keeping a backup of the entire computer in case it crashes and everything has to be restored.

Last but not least. How about replacing the SUV/Truck with a mini cooper. Sure it got racing stripes... but somehow I don't think so. If you are used to driving an SUV or Truck it would probably be claustrophobic getting into a mini cooper.

All these gadgets and so many spur of the moment relatively useless items is well not always the best.
Jacki asked me what I would like to do for fathers day. You know it took me very little time to figure out. Picnic in the mountains with some family fun like playing around with a beach ball, taking walks, getting some photos and just relaxing while enjoying the mountains. That's all it would take.
Ohh and being a little spoiled Jacki "approved" of me getting a cleaning kit for the camera. Last trip to the airshow it turned out that the sensor was full of dust and it showed up in every photo :-( but now I can get it cleaned so that won't happen again.

Moms what do you think dad would appreciate the most? dad's what would you appreciate the most?
Shiny things, family get together or ???

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