Friday, June 6, 2008

Branding and advertising

Soo how would you like to have an Iphone?

I know they have a high price tag and can only be used with one cell phone provider (given you don't modify it in some way).

Check this one out:

Why settle for "just" one kind of iphone. These ones come in a variety of configurations. Some sliding some with on-screen keyboard and best of all you are not tied to one provider.

If you want another one there is something for you too ;-)
Like right here:

Something interesting is their logo....

With that all fresh in mind... Compare the logo to this one:

Sounds too good to be true? well need I say no more than it is a Chinese company and my guess is that warranty and functionality may not be exactly what you are use to...

On another note.
Imagine you have a company and you *really* want to market your company. Say in a scale where your logo can be seen from the moon (not that I know how someone from the moon would just drop by to buy your stuff)...
Anyway. I guess this is the way to do it:

In short. Get lots of tiles and a good piece of dessert and create your logo with that. It will be noticed... well not by people on the ground but hey nice stunt there.
I hear that with the exact address you can even look it up on google earth ;-) now I must admit that is kind of cool ;-)

Just a little Friday nonsense to share

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