Friday, June 20, 2008

Sometimes you are just left speachless....

As many morning in the past I wake up kind of slow... (no comments needed).

Emma got up early being hungry and the first thing she does is flying into the bedroom to see if dad is still there.

She is getting pretty darn clever on my and well this probably makes you go awww...
But she sees me still there and since I am not dressed yet she offers to find me some clothes in the closet. Very nice of her... right?

She did however have a little catch on that one. As she put it: "I will get some not for work clothes out for you". of course the logic is that if you have clothes on that's not for work... you can't go to work :-)

How can one resist... so yeah in that sense kind of a tough morning. I wanted so bad to just stay home with her... but then of course I would fall behind at work and we got a deadline coming up (yeah I know...).
Luckily tomorrow is Saturday and we can have a Emma and dad day :-)

Ohh and well "look into my eyes..." get's me every time...

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