Thursday, December 4, 2008

What happened to November...

November sure was the month where it started getting cooler around the Northern Virginia area and the amount of outside time is going down a bit every time it gets colder...

Here is a few shots of what we did during November.

Fist up we did have a trip to the park. Emma loves going there and in particular the playground. There is just something about toddlers and swings... (more here)

We also took a trip to D.C. visiting museums and in particular got to see the live butterfly exhibit. (more here)

Getting closer to Christmas we did start setting up in the studio for some picture taking. Now Emma is good for some 10-15 minutes in the setting up part. Then after that she is like a high paid model.... That's it... no more pictures...

And then of course we had the Thanksgiving drive to Ohio to visit family. Turns out there were a bit of snow in the mountains :-) (here is Jacki's start of the story)

And you know... I threw this one in here because... well how can that be anything but cute :-)

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