Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making of a Christmas photo

Creating the Christmas photo of the year is always an interesting adventure. It looks so easy when all you see is the finished result.

However getting the right idea and setup is just the small issues compared to getting a toddler to "play-along" with the idea and "vision"....

Just to illustrate it. Here are a series of photos from the making of the Christmas photo.

Illustration and showing what to do is always a good place to start. So mom is showing Emma what to do with all the weird stuff dad put up.

Just look in the box to see what's in there... like this

What's in there??? I don't see anything? what is it, what is it...

And a little game of peek-a-boo... well why not ;-)

Some times when you tell the most famous toddler to look what's in the box... well you know she was looking to see what she could find. Since she couldn't see much in it... yeah .... go digging ;-)

But daaaad you told me to find something in the box...

Ok Emma.... Just look in the box like this and sit still while doing it. Maybe even put on a little smile :-)

gggg I am done looking in that box.... come on.... It's EMPTY!!!!

ok ok so we are done.... Here is the resulting (picked) photo.

ohh btw. it isn't all just torture... there is a little bit of fun in there too...
like doing a little dress up

and using the timer to get both of us (yeah that's a cheese stick in her hand)

That's a wrap... eh... hmm no phun intended ;-)

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