Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paint by numbers...

As some may know I did get the bamboo doodle ehh tablet... you know with the pen tablet for making it easier to use photoshop.

one thing is editing photos. Another is painting in photoshop and well many places describe techniques where you dab the brush... Try doing that with a mouse...

Anyway I got started on one painting where the first step is to outline your drawing. Well I guess I should have picked another one for the first painting since well it did take quite some time to outline it.

After getting the outline it's on to adding color and painting in the outlines (this is the sort of paint by numbers).

Not that I would compare it to someone like Rembrandt but here it is
(oh yeah you need to check out the link: there is a lot of paintings and history to be discovered).

The lighthouse is the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse off the coast of Annapolis, MD (in the Chesapeake bay).

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