Monday, August 11, 2008

Visiting Spøttrup

I will start off just around the point Jacki left off. Heading outside the castle. Just to avoid confusion here's the travel info:

Travel Date: July 23, 2008
Destination: Spøttrup, Denmark

As you may have noticed from some of the photos on Jacki's blog the castle "workers" where dressed up in time appropriate clothing. Here we are on our way out of the castle over the draw bridge as a couple of "the locals" were passing us.

Outside the castle (just like way back when) there was a medieval market. This market had different shopping areas and showing off equipment used at the time. Ohh and of course this isn't done with modern booths... It's the good ole tents with flags and banners :-)

Remember how Danes are with flags and proudly showing it off at any chance? Well a market is always a good opportunity to show the colors.
Here it is in the food court and clothing "store" ;-)

This castle at one time was occupied by the bishop as Christianity was introduce in Denmark. It was a little different at the time and well for a bishop to have respect he would have to create it.
So aided by "loyal" subjects the bishop would purify the population by capturing the witches and dragging them kicking and screaming through town to scare everyone else from doing something they shouldn't.
Here is a procession with the bishop taking the lead and army men dragging the witches (yeah they were actually kicking and screaming) to the castle to pay for their crime of witchcraft.

Be sure to check out Jacki's blog for more on the trip.

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