Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dining and touring Hanstholm

Travel Date: July 25, 2008 (a continuation of yesterdays post)
Travel Destination: Hanstholm, Denmark

Just a few extra photos to add to Jacki's post from our family dinner in Hanstholm.

Being at the water and with plenty of ships coming and going there is of course a lighthouse in Hanstholm and it's a pretty neat one too. Considering it has been sitting there for quite a bit ;-)

As with many other places in DK there are wind mills. And it doesn't really ruin too much of the view when you look at it. And consider that it is windy more often than still so they are being put to good use :-)

After dinner we went down to the harbor. Here you can see how the fishing boats are layered to fit in as many as possible. I have no clue as to how they get out but I would guess that they kind of all leave at the same time.

You should think they would have made it easier to get to the pier. Well if you ignore the warnings and all that. But they could have unlocked the door in the wall so one wouldn't have to climb the wall...

Having climbed the wall you will find that plenty of people have gone before you and the fishing is good. I think they caught quite a few mackerels.

Looking the other way towards the tip of the pier it's the good ole evening sun...

Here is a panorama from the restaurant with a view of the harbor. (ohh you may have to click the photo to get a larger size).

And a pano of the fields that at one time used to be ocean floor between the islands.

Yeah I know Jacki posted a photo of this one... but maybe it's just because I'm a guy... Canons in this size are cool :-)

And just to finish up I have one panorama covering the pier from the tip of it and all of the harbor.
Unfortunately it got way too wide to be able to upload it in full so here it is cut in two pieces. Again this may require a click on the photo to enlarge it and see as big a version as possible. And yeah it's kind of a long walk and the water is plenty deep in the outer harbor so I had a good hold of the kiddos but it's pretty cool seeing things from that side.


Jacki said...

Yeah I am glad that no one fell in the water...I didn't exactly want to dive in after anyone. But it was fun...

Dee said...

i love the picture of the fishing boats. very nice.