Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moms out shopping

Travel Date: July 25, 2008
Destination: Amtoft beach, Denmark

As you may have noticed on Jacki's blog this particular day Mom (Jacki) and Farmor went out shopping leaving the girls with me. Sooo what to do? Well the girls didn't have to think for two seconds before they unanimously shouted "beach beach beach"...

Sooo off we went ;-)

Looking for the perfect sea shells

That's a big tub

Getting into the details playing in the sand and chatting in two languages

How about we run....

Wow... look at this sea shell

Just a pretty scenery

You never get to old to play on the beach. We spend a good amount of time creating a small lake and before you know it... yeah we were busy but man it was fun :-)

Adding the final touch...

Yep it's sea weeds

Tomorrow will bring the last half of the day going out for dinner and having a look at Hanstholm. If you want to get a few more looks on a interesting bunker this will be an interesting post ;-)

Ohh and be sure to head on over and see what Jacki was up to going shopping.


Jacki said...

I know Emma had a good time. :-) It wore her little butt out. ;-)

Dee said...

nice pics