Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Todays trip... Bulbjerg

Todays trip is going to Bulbjerg as you may already have read on Jackis blog(well not actually the trip but you know... the topic of the post is taking us to Bulbjerg).

I have tried picking out some photos that will go along with Jackis story and be slightly different. If you want to read the "good stuff" head on over to her blog to get all the details from her view... it's good ;-)

Jacki covered the topside of the cliff pretty good so I will start off with a nice view of the beach and waves :-)

As usual the next photos got me pretty close to landing the "and what are you going to do with those photos" comment ;-) but you know. I kind of like the rocks and stones on the beach and the patterns they make. I am also forever amazed by how every single little one can in some strange way look soft and round even though you know for sure they are hmmm rock hard ;-)

The next photo "just" shows you a wave breaking on a rock in the water... well you know it hasn't always looked like that even though Jacki pointed out that things don't always change that quick in the region.

The little rock breaking the waves is called Skarreklit. It used to stand 16 meters tall but eventually the waves eroded the foundation of it and it broke off in 1978 :-(
It was a pretty cool sight though. Compare my photo with this one taken by Lennie Boesen in 1968: Skarreklit

As Jacki has mentioned one of the (well sort of) cool things is the birds breeding on the limestone cliff since it's the only place in Denmark where that is possible. Here are a few photos show how they cling to the cliff side.

Just to show you that this is a limestone cliff I give you a little close-up of the big ole rock ;-)

Did I mention how I like the rocks by the sea and the patterns they create??? It's amazing how the sand is creating the patterns too and you can even mix the sand patterns and rock patterns all in one... Now how cool is that??? yeah well... I kind of hmm dig it ;-)

Even though I mentioned earlier that Jacki covered the top-side of the cliff pretty good I am sneaking a little final top-side shot in here. Here is my attempt at a panoramic looking north from the top of Bulbjerg. Remember to click the photo to get a larger version ;-)

Now I just can't wait to see what is coming up in tomorrows post ;-)


Dee said...

very nice, what would you say the water temp is there? Could one go swimming? What kind of water sports do Danes like?

Peter Dyrholm said...

ohh yeah sure one could go swimming... that is if one isn't too sensitive to slightly cold water ;-) I am not sure what the water temps are but let's just say it's not the Caribbean and one might think it's a wee bit chilly ;-)

On the upper west cost there is a lot of wind surfing and recently kite surfing. I never really caught on to it but it's know to many as the European Hawaii as far as the water (-temperature) goes.