Tuesday, July 1, 2008

News from Nikon

Ok so I thought it was a hoaks since the number seems a little weird.
But it's reality. The next camera coming out from Nikon will be the Nikon D700 featuring a full frame sensor. It will be close to the functionality of the Nikon D3 only in a smaller/lighter design and probably with a few functions "missing".
For now it is to be release late July and estimated $2,995 street price.
Check out more info here: Nikon Press or Rob Galbraith

And that's not all. I have the Nikon SB-800 flash. It's awesome and it just works. Of minor things the buttons on the back can be a pain or well just slow if you switch between normal, master and remote on the flash. Now there is a new SB-900 coming out and instead of buttons for setting the zoom and power levels there is a wheel which you simply just turn :-) and in conjunction with the power button there is switch for setting the flash to on, off, remote or master.
The Nikon flash just got even better and beats the competitors out there even though the #1 flash already is a Nikon... Gotta like that.
More news here: Nikon Press and very good info from Mr. McNally (he's got a great photographer blog)

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