Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Første dag efter ankomst - First day after arrival

Just arrived in Denmark in the morning after a long trip with a full day ahead of us we were heading off to my parents home. In Denmark we use flags slightly different and use it when ever there is something to celebrate.

So getting in the drive way there was flags here and there and every where. Sooo good to be back home in good ole DK :-)

Being lunch time we got the table set in the usual quick lunch time way. It's with rugbrød and toppings looking something like this.

As you can see the kitchen can become quite a busy place when the "kids" come home. My sister and family joined us for dinner so here we all are getting things ready. Of course the little ones got placed at the table first with a plate so they could get started.

Every day has been nice and comfortable. Not too hot and not too cold. No rain either so everything is perfect for getting around to see things. Be that a trip around the country or just taking a walk.

Imagine you can actually get a rainbow without rain...

As some will know. Danes drink coffee so here we are at the evening coffee. Some at the table and others playing on the floor.

First night at 11 pm I got this photo outside the house. Notice how much of a difference it makes that Denmark is somewhat further to the north on the globe. It didn't really get that dark or daylight last way longer than it does in the VA area.

It's weird I know... But for some reason I got up at 5.30am the next morning. Usually traveling east being jet lagged it should be hard getting up not hard sleeping... Anyway. Not being able to sleep and with the rest of the house out for a couple of hours to go I wen for a drive and took some photos from the viking grave yard.
In the year 1000 vikings were raising stones here for their dead... it's a loooong time ago...

Sounds like I was just full of energy but by the afternoon it caught up with me and I had a little nap on the back deck with a view of a sunny garden. The sun were nice and warm without being too hot and I didn't much of cars and traffic :-)

As you may have read on Jackis blog we finished off the first day going to the summer house in Amtoft and taking a stroll by the beach.
The national bird in Denmark is the swan and luckily we have quite a few of them. Here are a few photos from the beach and the view over the waters.

I am starting to experiment with panoramic photos and even though this one isn't as wide as most of the ones I come up with here is a pano seen from the harbor. If you check out Jackis blog and the map you can see more on the location ;-)


Dee said...

photos are great as usual. Glad your enjoying your time at home. I'm really missing Hawaii right now and wish I could be home with the people and places.

JennWasHere said...

Those are great pictures. I love seeing those kids fill up the table. One great meal shared by the family!

I also have posted my PSF. You can read it HERE.

Happy Friday!

Cecily R said...

Beautiful, gorgeous pictures (as always). I love the way you make things that seem so commonplace beautiful.

Sounds like a wonderful homecoming!! Great PSF!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That is a beautiful country you come from. Have a great visit with your family. Beautiful pictures.

Alexandria said...

Absolutely stunning. All of your pictures are truly lovely.

Robyn said...

That night photo was amazing. The viking graveyard is pretty neat.

Ryanne said...

Those are great pictures. I really like the head stone. It is nace to go home isn't it?