Monday, April 28, 2008

how are you selling your teenager???

I know it's all about the show and creating a little talk on the town is good for revenue. Lots of Hollywood people are using that and plenty of hopeful actors, singers etc. have faced quite a lot of different things.

I don't know why but I am thinking Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Olsen twins and well it's a loooong line of well the I should have been doing sooo good but something happened.

No matter what what kids see on tv is what they want to do and well look like their idol. However these days it's a little bit disturbing to see how the idols act and many times supported by their parents.

Take Disney as an example and the most talked about show at the moment Hannah Montana. This is a show for kids and the main "star" is all of what 15 years old.
Now thinking about a 15 year old I kind of have certain expectations as to how a 15 year old is or well should be.

Man... either that family is totally out of whack with the parents support or my thinking of how a 15 year old should be is extremely old.

In an upcoming Vanity fair Bruce Handy has an article about Miley. This goes into how her favorite show is sex and the city and that she has the highest-grossing release on a super bowl weekend ($31.1 million) and the highest per screen average ($45,561) despite the artificial inflated price of $15 per ticket to the movie theater.

Anyway no article without pictures right... and with the talented Annie Leibovitz (really she is) what can go wrong??? With parents on the set doesn't the photo below just seem natural for a 15 year old???

Not only was the parents on the set good ole dad was in the shoot as well and going through the slide show we are even getting a glimpse of the next Cyrus. 8 year old Noah... You can see the slide show here or well as long as it is available.

So Billy Ray Cyrus had a hit in the 80's and well after that it was all down hill. Now what do you do to ensure you get back in the spot light? well I guess he figured there was a few daughters around and they should be able to be sold of... or what...

Granted having millions would be nice. But when seeing how other kids have been growing up and well not turned out too good....

Maybe it's just me but you sure won't find me in line to buy tickets anytime soon.
Is this normal? how does the average parent feel about supporting (big time) parents selling off their kids like that?


Krista said...

I think it's just awful. And she's only 15! At least some of the other teen stars didn't go "bad" until a little older. It's sad really. Because when has any of these girls careers gotten better after going the sexy route? I mean, hello, look at Brittany and Lindsay. Jessica Simpson is about the only one I can think of who managed to stay pretty "clean" and she's the one with the most work now!
Not to mention she's still a kid and I feel really sorry for her. Stupid parents!

Dee said...

Hi Peter,
I think it's terrible...with all the millions that they have it's the fame they crave, and they are marketing her for the "future" I'm sure ; for when her disney career is over. Hmmmm you would think they would learn by what they see out there right now with the cases of Britney, Lindsey etc. You would think as a parent they wouldn't want men viewing their daughter in a lustful way, but thats exactly what is happening when you show pictures like that!GRRRRRR