Saturday, April 26, 2008

spring time... or is it summer already?

Finally weekend and despite the weather forcast it's not raining :-) yeah...

Of course this meant that I had to do the lawn. Getting ready to go outside I spotted a few birds acting weird and was wondering what in the world is going on out there. Here are a few shots of them. They had a little snack...

After getting the lawn done and everything else so it was time to sit for a few minutes I went outside and now I had a visitor. It has been coming around for a while and well if you know about them they can be quite nosy and get up close to check you out.

So what does my dear mother in-law think about our nice deck out back and the visitor we are getting... well judge for yourself ;-)

As the grown ups are just boring and sitting around doing nothing at all. Emma proclaims "that's it, I am going down there" and runs off to find her sandals.
But hey she likes playing around in the backyard.

However much fun it is playing baseball in the backyard interruptions come all the time. As with this one... Ooops there's a flower...

Meanwhile the nosy little bee sticks around. I guess after a while one can get use to them. They don't really do much anyway and are kind of fun.

That's it... just a little update from a sunny saturday :-)

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Lea said...

Kære Peter!
Rigtig dejlig at få lidt nyt fra din lørdag. Skønne fantastiske billeder af den lille bi og fuglene. Lad os bare få mere af den slags. Sød lille historie om Emma.
Kærlig hilsen til hele familien.