Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter is here...

So we finally got the good snow. The kind that you can actually compact into a snowman and the kind that's great for sledding.

But as it is... of course it had to be on a Monday... And the kids are sick (yeah me running around playing in the snow alone would most likely look a little weird).

It's really one of those days you should stay home with hot cocoa under the blanket but well. How believable is to call to work and say that the Silverado can't make it... not really. In that thing it's like being Dale Earnhardt going 45mph down the highway ;-)

Now I just hope Jacki will find a little time to snap a few snowy pictures since well I'm not there to do it. I am sure they will be coming right up :-)

happy winter time to you all :-)

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