Thursday, March 26, 2009


As any good dad I am trying to read to Emma each night and sometimes you come across books that will teach good things.

So as I am reading princess manners (a Disney book) and come to the part where Cinderella cleans up her crafts before starting a new craft I thought that I was really clever :-)

Before reading it I scan the page and make a slight change to it. "Cinderella is good at cleaning up all her toys before getting out a new toy to play with...". Bear in mind that the book ends with "this is how princesses are. Wouldn't YOU like to be a princess???".

So you can see I am thinking this is a really good point since I know Emma wants to be a princess and they clean up their toys before getting a new out :-)

Emma's response though... "Yeah, I'm still working on that!!!". No kidding. That is exactly what she said... I wasn't quick enough to hmm "handle" that one...

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