Sunday, October 26, 2008

End of the weekend :-(

So it's Sunday night and the end of the weekend.

Saturday it was raining and Sunday we got a little shopping done.
Amongst all of it there was a few funny moments. And yeah Emma was the source of them ;-)

As some of you may know (yeah not really a big secret) I do a bit of photography. And I just printed a few of the two kiddos on canvas to try something new and different. So as Emma was standing there looking at it I asked "sooo should we sell it?".
Kids have a sometimes different view so being asked that question Emma started laughing and once done "nooo we can't sell the picture" quickly followed by "you can't sell pictures... that's silly..." hmm yeah okei... moving on...

As we were going through Kohls shopping Emma was quite full of energy (hmm). So as I am sure many parents have tried she was getting "the look"... Emma tilted her head and commented with a "and what's that look for???"

She also got a new word. Not that she really understands it but it does seem to hit the spot a certain times. Such as when I want her to do something and she puts her hand on the hip and does that girls head tilting thing saying "let's compromise..." I'm thinking come on now... you are 4 years old...

ahh well. As I mentioned it was raining Saturday so we did watch a couple of movies. One of them (repeated a couple of times) was Winnie the Pooh. I know it may be slightly strange but I came to thinking. If I was a pooh character which would I be... I think it would probably be Rabbit. You know there has to be a plan for everything to be followed strictly (not that that ever happens... but still).

How about you? If you were a Pooh character which would you be?

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ohh yeah here is one of the shots from the impromptu studio session with the kiddos ;-)

Have a great start on the week everyone :-)

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