Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Being special

Ok it has been a long time joke around the house that I am "special". It started about the first time my Mom visited and well you know she does pretty good at the English but sometimes (just like me) she has a Danish word and well have to "search" for the translated word.
So she had the famous statement "yes, Peter has always been special". And well you can see how that turned into "special"...

Now we went to closing and well we did ok on getting the closing costs paid by the seller and our Realtor and broker did really good at using every little bit they could so it's ok... (det er ikke så ringe endda). Anyway they too mentioned "you are kind of special" (again...).

But the good news is that we closed on the house. And just in case you didn't see it previously. Here you can see a video walk through of the house. And you can find a few pics from around the house here and do check out Jacki's blog too ;-)

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