Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time lapse

So I gave it another shot... well make that multiple shots ;-)

After I got the D200 with the interval option (taking multiple photos at specified interval) I was trying to create a cloud time lapse sequence last week.

I guess I did forget a few things and it got kind of messed up with exposures not matching and all that good stuff...

So instead I tried with the stars which I had a little bit of time for Friday night before getting sick over the weekend.

Last night I finally got to put it all together for the first test (well actually I got two but... ahh well..)

The first sequence is about a half hour with ~200 exposures (camera ran out of battery)

The second sequence is just over an hour and this time 500 exposures (however those stars moved on me and some just turned into a black night sky)

Now I just need to compose it right, get a little landscape thing in at the bottom and go for more exposures. I am thinking in the neighborhood of 3000 exposures. Just gotta find a way to keep the camera going and storage...

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