Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's getting cold for sure now

Ok so it's getting cold but the Starpilot pointed out the fuzz ball comet appearing in the night sky and here is a few shots.

And another one now that I was out there doing long exposure shots

yeah well since I was out there freezing a bit well couldn't get much worse so had to try out this one too ;-)

That's it for now but got a few shots... I knew I just had to try it out and see how it works ;-)

btw. for these shots I used my Nikon D70s with the 70-300mm @300
Exposures changed a little and I don't remember them for sure but something like 20-30s@5.6.

Until next post
Have fun and be sure to visit my dear wife and check out more photos from the Starpilot...

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Jacki said...

I think you are a wonderful photographer, sweetie. ;-)